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PicoDragon Chess #14 by Grace

chess boards and chess pieces - PicoDragon Chess #14 by Grace - Accessories
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PicoDragon Chess #14 by Grace - Hello my name is Grace, and you're viewing my hand sculpted #14 PicoDragon. This idea seemed like a wonderful way to combine my love for dragons and sculpting. I found there was nothing even like it out there, and it is a joy to imagine and create them. My interest in sculpture started when I was very young, from the time I was playing with Play-Doh, but I got into polymer clay at 13 when I found some in our art cupboard. I started sculpting dragons because I've always had a soft spot for these mythical beasts. Before long, I had made enough to sell at a local library kids craft fair that summer. They were a huge hit, so I kept making them. I got too old for the library fair, but continued selling on youth days at the Bellingham Farmer's Market in the summer, as well as a few other craft fairs. As my craft continued to develop, I began experimenting with sculpting the dragons on chess pieces. I had been playing chess since kindergarten and have always been fascinated by themed chess sets. I loved seeing all the different varieties for sale at the state chess tournaments, but remember being disappointed that there never seemed to be enough dragons. Eventually, I decided to make my own dragon pieces, and it was something of a dream come true to sell them at the Elementary State Chess Championships in 2014. I love sculpting because I enjoy using my creativity to put something new and tangible into the world. I also like making items that I would personally want to buy. As a little kid who loved dragons, I always thought there should be more of these wondrous beasts in the world. Now I feel like I can help make that happen for other dragon fans out there! The money I earn is funding my education at Whitman College, where I plan to double major in Visual Art and Math. Eventually, I'd also like to give back to the world and help fund environmental causes.

Our Price: $60.00

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