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Correspondence 2013

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Correspondence 2013 - Corr Database 2013 is an extensive collection of correspondence games, featuring classical correspondence games played by mail as well as email games. The CD contains 1 041 845 games from 1804 until 2012 including all games of the correspondence chess world championships 1-23, correspondence chess Olympics 1-17, correspondence chess European championships, national championships (AUS, CSR, DEN, GER, NED, USA). Corr 2013 also features a correspondence chess player base, which includes about 71 000 names. A must for every player of correspondence chess! System Requirements: Pentium PC, Windows 8,7,Vista, XP, 32 MB RAM, CD-ROM drive, ChessBase 11 or 12.0, hard disk space requirements: 350 MB.

Our Price: $100.00

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